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Be Kinder to your Kidneys

Be Kinder to your Kidneys -

Just a reminder, the liver can take quite a battering before there is permanent damage. Given the right environment, the liver is often able to regenerate and repair after years of abuse. The gut can be smashed with stress, the wrong diet, antibiotics etc - but once you address these issues it is often able to be repaired...

The kidneys are not so forgiving. In fact they are often damaged when these other organs are not working properly. Even healthy detox activities for some people can overload the kidneys with oxalates for others, this can lead to acute kidney damage. Juice cleanses have been known to do this.... We know poor diet, environmental chemicals and medications take a toll on our gut, but evidence suggests declining kidney function maybe just as detrimental. This overlooked but important organ should be on our radar when reading pathology results... any decline, even small amounts in younger people needs to be addressed.

This is most definitely an organ where prevention is key.

Reduce toxicity.

Stay hydrated.

Eat a balanced diet which contains protein, veg & fruit.

Eat a brightly coloured diet as it will contain lots of antioxidants.

Avoid a high acid load in the diet (not too much white processed food)

Use alkalizing citrate forms of magnesium & zinc...

Reduce blood pressure and blood glucose levels by improving diet and exercise levels.

Keep and track results from pathology testing. Do not wait for things to decline further before acting. Once the kidneys become damaged, regardless of the cause (toxicity / high BP/ lipidemia / medications ) it is harder to remove toxins, and these toxins then damage the kidneys further.....

This damage is often irreversable....

Lesley x

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