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Hi Lesley!

It was so nice to catch up with you the other day when you came to work.

It got me thinking (and because I was in work mode I didn’t even think about it until much later!) about all the amazing assistance you’ve given me, and suggestions that I’ve implemented/changed in my daily life - I am sure it’s a big part of why my body is currently in such good balance! 

I think I did mention the fact that I still take vitamin B everyday, and a probiotic. However I have also completely cut sugar out in my coffee/tea/other drinks! (I think when I was seeing you I was gradually cutting it back?) 

And the BIGGEST one I think is that I have been using Sukin for almost all my skin and body products! As well as gradually changing my other household items to natural products (bathroom cleaner, laundry liquid, etc).

I suggest you to coworkers and friends when they ask about naturopaths or people to see for health issues - I tell them you’re the best naturopath I’ve ever been to! And I know mum says the same too. :) 

If my body and immune system goes to poop again, I know I’ll be in touch with you straightaway! 

Thank you Lesley for your kindness and guidance through my bad health period. I wouldn’t be as well as I am now without your help. 


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